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Since 2008, hospital CEO’s have ranked revenue as their most important issue. Aspirion reimbursement results...

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Are you getting paid what you are entitled to? Finding hard earned dollars in a churning sea of processes, policies and payors is...

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We do the hard work. Each claim is managed by a highly trained and specialized case manager. Our proprietary claims system...

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#1 - A third party adjuster closed a patient claim due to the fact the patient was unresponsive. AHR continued to reach out to the patient, persistently managed through a language barrier with the patient, and assisted him in getting his claim re-opened. The claim paid over $21K    #2 - Facility had a $119k denial from Medicare for coordination of benefits and coding issues. The bill was over 2 years old. Billers and Supervisors had spent an abundance of time attempting to recover the funds the facility felt sure they were due. AHR reviewed the bills, recommended coding corrections in conjunction with the medical record and coordinated benefits with Medicare. The claim paid resulting in $38k to the facility.    #3 - AHR was asked to take a second look at a WC case for over $335K. The vendor originally working the case had agreed to a reduction for $138K. AHR reworked the case and collected $148K which resulted in an additional $10K for the facility.

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